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Thermocromex, Limestone Wall Plaster Installation at Commercial Financial Centre

By V.K. Marketing Services Ltd.


The exterior of a Commercial Financial Centre.

Thermocromex was applied and the scored joints created to compliment the render of an existing building to the front.

This is another example of how versatile our installations can be with this limestone cladding!


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Thermocromex™ is a remarkable limestone plaster ultra-high-performance cladding that is a technically brilliant reformulation that can be applied to virtually any substrate, including CMU, frame/sheathing, tilt wall, poured-in -place concrete, and lightweight blocks/cement, and has been used successfully for over 25 years.


Also available in custom colors, Thermocromex delivers a vibrant and permanent finish that requires no other coloring or top coat. The alkali- and UV-resistant pigments will not fade over time, and the finish is both weatherproof and breathable. Almost no maintenance is required to enjoy the original appearance, year after year.


Thermocromex can also be installed in multiple colors for a natural appearance that could only come from stone. Thermocromex carries a 20 year material performance warranty that includes keeping out the rain and delamination.