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Kraftmaid Galley Kitchen Cabinetry Project

By Ceramic Trinidad Ltd.


Some may think that designing small kitchens are easier than large ones.....but typically that is not the case. This customer for example had a relatively small space to put her 'galley' style kitchen, but required more functionality than a typical larger kitchen.

Not only did the client require typical kitchen functionality like pantry storage, cooking areas, pot/pan storage etc.....but they also needed to accommodate for a laundry area and an air condition handler room. This is a lot to fit in any kitchen, far less a small 'galley' kitchen.

Together with the interior designer (RTF Designs), we were able to fit all the required functionality and still keep the space from feeling tight and cluttered.

One of the elements that helped in keeping the space from feeling small was Kraftmaid's Grandview door style in Dove White painted finish, utilizing 42" wall cabinets.

All in all, this little kitchen packs quite the punch in terms of functionality.....and looks beautiful too !