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Super Concrete, Pre-Cast Wall System - Safari Eco Park

By Ceramic Trinidad Ltd.


When Safari Eco Park contacted us for a product to create their animal enclosures and sheds, they had particular requirements and specifications that they were looking for, namely:

- A very natural finished aesthetic.

- A very strong durable product.

- Minimal maintenance.

- Visibility through the enclosures for their patrons.

To achieve this, we supplied them with our Superior Lattice panels, which were used to create the animal enclosures. This not only gave them the strength of reinforced concrete but also allowed them visibility through the enclosure.

For the sheds, we used our Superior Wood finish panels, together with the Lattice panel on top. To connect the roof, we simply 'exposed' the rebar that are inside the posts (each post has two pcs of 5/8" rebar inside), and connected the roof structure to that.

Being made from 5000psi concrete, with integral color......they now have an extremely durable product, that is very attractive and only requires a pressure wash when necessary.