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Decorative Foam Columns

By Styroforms Architectural Mouldings & Forms Ltd.


1. Ultra light weight feature.


2. Reduce cost of structural works.


3. Readily accept primer and/ or paint.


4. Resistant to aging, heat, cold and shrinkage.


5. Flexible - being made of styrofoam, it moves with the building in the event of an earthquake.


6. Simple to install - one person can install it in a fraction of the time it takes to install other mouldings.


7. No power tools, nails, saws or hammers required. Simply adhere it onto the surface, seal and paint.


8. We use polyurethane as our special hard coating to provide fire resistance and to protect the finished product in high traffic locations.


9. All of the shapes start with foam which is then coated with our two-part component spraying process specified to your requirements. This improves the consistency of the product, reduces labour costs and ensures customer satisfaction.


10. Damages are easily repaired on location.


11. Minimal maintenance is required, in most cases our product only needs to be repainted every five years along with your normal maintenance procedures.


12. The lifespan of this product is limitless, even now there are projects around the world that are over 40 years and still going strong.