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Abel Building Solutions
1 (868) 665-2235 Ext. 3102/3103 Building #2 Maingot Street, Mt. Hope, Trinidad, W.I.
Company Overview Abel Building Solutions, Trinidad.   Mission: To be the first choice for homeowners, hardwares and construction professionals in the local & regional markets.   To be a credible alternative to the market leader....read more

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Company Logo

Abel Building Solutions, Trinidad.



To be the first choice for homeowners, hardwares and construction professionals in the local & regional markets.


To be a credible alternative to the market leader in each of the regional markets.



ABEL or Alstons Building Enterprises Limited is a member of the ANSA Mc Al Group of Companies. It is the largest manufacturer of clay building blocks and Metpro steel and aluminium windows and doors and Astralite and Spectra uPVC windows and doors in the English-speaking Caribbean. For over sixty (60) years, ABEL has been at the forefront of the buildings material industry and has earned the reputation for quality, variety and innovation. To complement its range, ABEL added the Metpro PvC windows and doors line in 2005 and is presently looking for suppliers for clay flooring tiles.


In 2005, the air-condition division of the Ansa McAL Group was brought under the ABEL umbrella and is called the ABEL Air Condition Division. ABEL Air Conditioning Division provides a full range of air conditioning equipment and services to the Trinidad & Tobago market. As the authorized dealer for Carrier equipment in this market, ABEL represents the oldest and most respected air conditioning brand in the world. ABEL can supply your every air conditioning need from the smallest room to multi storey structures. In 2007, ABEL Air Conditioning Division began to expand its product line by introducing the Katashi range of air conditions and in May 2007, added the Carrier Generators to its product mix.


Among its achievements in the recent past are air conditioning works at West Mall, ANSA Finance Building and Unicell Paper Mills.


Most recently, ABEL Air Conditioning was awarded its largest contract ever for Park Court – the proposed RBTT banking centre located at St Clair Avenue. For this project, ABEL will supply 750 tons of air conditioning capacity in the form of two screw chillers with central station air handlers.



For over fifty years Bestcrete Limited has been the trusted name in concrete building products. This company was acquired by the Ansa McAl Group in 1993 and was partnered with ABEL, with both companies reporting to a common Management Team.


Production facilities at Bestcrete presently include six (6) fully functional plants, with the most recent upgrade, the Colombia 1600, which was commissioned in June 2007, making it one of the most modern plants in the Caribbean. With the introduction of this plant, Bestcrete is now able to increase its production capacity by 30%.


All ABEL and Bestcrete’s products are manufactured to internationally accepted standards, with the companies being ISO 9001 – 2000 certified.


The range of Bestcrete products have been used on a number of prominent projects throughout the Caribbean. Most noteworthy is the interlocking pavers which were used at the Grenada Stadium and the Port of St. George’s (Grenada), the St. Vincent Cruise Ship facility, Sandals Resorts (St. Vincent and Jamaica), and the Piarco International Airport and the Brian Lara Promenade (Trinidad & Tobago).