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Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd.
1 (868) 642-6025 #49 Lennox Yearwood Expressway, O'Meara Industrial Estate, Arima, Trinidad, W.I.
Company Overview Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Limited, Trinidad.   It is our pleasure to formally introduce our company Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd. This venture brings to market a new line of quality construction solut....read more

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Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Limited, Trinidad.


It is our pleasure to formally introduce our company Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd. This venture brings to market a new line of quality construction solutions for commercial projects. Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd offers a range of services to our established client base of the premier architects, developers and building contractors.  Through the expansion of our product and service offerings we look forward to partnering with you to develop high quality projects in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region.  In this letter of introduction we wish to present the principals, financial and technical partners that combine to bring to market a new and exciting opportunity for the construction sector.


Our principals

Leading the management and technical delivery of Skyline Glazing and Cladding System Ltd’s products and services are Brian Vital and Andrew Mooteram.  Brian brings to the table over 30 years experience in the construction sector and has led both the production and projects division at Abel where he spent 25 years.  Over the past 12 years Brian has built Cemtile Ltd which is today a market leader in the production and installation of premier roofing solutions.  While at Abel, Brian and Andrew successively led Abel’s Projects Department and was successful in securing both the award and in implementing several landmark glazing and cladding projects including:


• Unit Trust Corporation’s Head Office in Port of Spain

• Nicholas Tower

• Guardian Holdings Ltd Head Office

• The Falls at Westmall

• Board of Inland Revenue Towers, Port of Spain


Since incorporation, successful projects completed include:

• Centre City Mall Car park

• 3 Storey Mall –Arima

• Lifestyle Motors Porche Showroom

• Community Centre- Tobago

• Detour Mall- Frederick Street, Port of Spain

• Witco Head Office- Champs Fleurs

• Hand Rails/ Skylights- Victoria Keys

• TTMF- Head Office, Albion Court

• Republic Bank- Starlite Shopping Plaza

• Caribbean Chemicals- San Juan

• Kia Motors- San Fernando

• West Bee’s Supermarket- Diego Martin

• Carillion Building- Jusamco Pavers

• MVA Building- Caroni

• Aranguez Mall

• Office Building- Jusamco Pavers

• Castro’s Bar- Arima

• Intercontinental Shipping- Carenage

• Carillion Building- Jusamco Pavers


Together Brian and Andrew bring to the table over 50 years experience in construction and over 25 years  in cladding and glazing systems, backed by strong relationships with internationally recognized partners out of Canada.  We are confident that this core team working with the broader support of our directors and partners can successfully deliver a high quality and competitive solution for commercial projects.  The success of Cemtile Trinidad Ltd underscores the professionalism, commitment and drive of Brian Vital who built this company in Trinidad and Tobago in a highly competitive business environment.  Andrew Mooteram’s years of experience and in depth knowledge of this sector, will in our view, position our new company to deliver to you quality solutions to enhance and beautify your commercial projects


Technical and Financial Support

Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd is a sister company of Cemtile Trinidad Ltd, and directors are Bjorn Bjerkhamn of Barbados as Chairman, Brian Vital, Stuart Maloney and Mark Maloney.  The active participation and technical support of this team will help shape and secure the success of our new business venture.   Backing these directors and our new company is the technical and financial strength of the BJ Investments Group of companies in Barbados who are a large land development group as well as major shareholders in a number of construction and manufacturing based companies such as Jada Construction, Preconco Ltd, Caribbean Homes Ltd, Meridian Caribbean Inc, and Creative Paving Solutions Inc, to name a few.  These companies and the BJ Investments group have designed, financed and successfully implemented a range of large construction and development projects in Barbados.  These companies’ financial, management and technical resources support and back Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd as we embark on this new initiative, to further develop and enhance our group’s capacity for delivery of quality construction solutions. 


Our partners

Over the years, Brian and Andrew have engaged and formed partnerships with glazing and cladding companies in Canada including IBG Canada, Ferguson Neudorf, Sunwing Structures Incorporated, Contract Glazers’ and Nupress Inc.  These companies are excited about the prospects for entering new markets through new partnerships with Skylne Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd, and have pledged, in addition to their product and standard service offerings, both the personal support of company principals and technical expertise in the design and installation of glazing and cladding solutions.  Combined, these companies offer to Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd, decades of experience and in depth knowledge of this sector, having worked as suppliers and technical consultants on large commercial projects across the world.


Our products and service offerings

In the accompanying portfolio we have included for your review and consideration, detailed technical specifications and applications of the glazing and cladding solutions that Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd is pleased to offer to the local and regional market.   Backing this product range are Brian and Andrew’s combined experience of over 50 years in the local construction sector, and personal involvement in the leadership of many of the largest commercial glazing and cladding projects in Trinidad and Tobago.  When the further financial and technical support of the BJ Investments Group of Companies, and the backing of our premier suppliers out of Canada, is factored into our total package we are confident that Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd will quickly emerge as the preferred partner for quality delivery of cladding and glazing systems for any size of commercial project. 


We look forward to collaborating with you in the execution of high quality commercial projects, to ensure the highest level of service and value for money. We would like to take the opportunity to discuss potential projects early in the design stage, as this will allow for an in depth understanding of the requirements and the application of many of the modern technologies employed by our wider group of companies, to identify and apply cost savings while maintaining the highest standards of quality. In closing we wish to reiterate to you our valued clients and partners, our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in every aspect of our business operations.