Skyline Panel, Aluminum Wall Cladding - Sky Blue Finish - G-6028

Sold by Skyline Glazing and Cladding Systems Ltd.


Coatings on exterior materials is applied using Atofine-Kynar500's durable flourine carbon paint, having content over 70% and we use Becker, Valspar and PPG paints, strictly according to the national standard.

Standard Specifications:

Other Specifications:
1220(width)*Any Length*2MM/3MM/4MM/5MM/6MM
1250(width)*Any Length*2MM/3MM/4MM/5MM/6MM
1500(width)*Any Length*2MM/3MM/4MM/5MM/6MM
1550(width)*Any Length*2MM/3MM/4MM/5MM/6MM
1570(width)*Any Length*2MM/3MM/4MM/5MM/6MM

PVDF/PE Coatings
Single/Double SIde Coatings
Fire Resistant Also Available

Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning with a piece of soft cloth by mild detergent or water.
Strong Acid, alkali or solvent is prohibited so as not to impair the surface.
Please use high-pressure sprayers when cleaning heavy curtain wall.

SKYLINE panel is fully recyclable, i.e. both the core material and the aluminum cover sheets can be remelted and used for the production of new material.