Gasco, 36" 6 Burner Built-In Electronic Induction Cooktop - GATVMD90

Sold by Lewis Appliances


Induction Stove 36 "/ 60 cm



If you are one of those who love to cook, and who feel that the 5 conventional burners are not enough, or who want to place larger sized casseroles, Gasco has the perfect solution for you, with your new 36" / 90 induction cooktop Cm, with 6 burners, which allows you to operate and cook at once in 2 or more of them if your casserole is large.


It is another of our products ecofriendly, since not creating combustion to burn CO2, in addition to conserving the environment of your house more pure, save the planet earth, and it allows you to save up to 50% of energy, since its energy efficiency, To directly heat food reaches up to 85%. 


Electricity Savings of 60% Energy Classification A, with which the power plant will only be increased, by 10% if one is an hour a day during the 30 days of the month. 
There is no reason why you do not want to have a new induction cooker Gasco at home. At Gasco we think of you, we think about the environment.



36 "/ 90 cm 

90 cm x 52 cm x 6cm 

Net Weight: 19 Kg







Tempered Glass



Voltage / Frequency: 220 v / 60 Hz 

Power Consumption: 10800 w 

Quick Boost Power "



Fast Cooking Power Boost 

Location Sensor 

Heat Residual Indicator 

Single Digital Timer 

Auto Auto Off 

System Touch Control System 

Six Cooking Zones 

15 Temperature Levels 

Maintain Warm 

High Temperature Sensor



Child Lock 

Auto Auto Shutoff