Ideal Spec, Contour HygeneIQ Fully Concealed Urinal - S6119

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Contour hygenIQ urinal, for a cleaner, healthier washroom. Unique fin design reduces splashing by 90% reducing contamination on users clothes and surrounding washroom surfaces. A breakthrough in washroom hygiene.

  • Concealed connections
  • Simple installation
  • Splash reducing designs
  • Easier clean design
  • Vandal Resistant


  1. S6119(01)

    Contour HygenIQ urinal 67cm, concealed

  2. S8849(67)

    HygenIQ plastic splash reducing waste, 50mm unslotted tail

  3. S8970(67)

    Trap 1½" plastic P with 75mm seal, multi-purpose outlet suitable for plastic and BS copper pipe

  4. S9275(67)

    Urinal concealed hangers, Steel

  5. S6286(AA)

    Spreader, back inlet for vitreous china bowl urinal

  6. S9276(67)

    Toggle bolts to suit maximum 25mm panel thickness