Cali Bamboo, Grooved Edge GreenClaimed Composite Outdoor Decking - Bronze 3G Finish

Sold by Concept Floors n' Finishes


Bronze 3G Grooved Edge GreenClaimed® Composite Decking


Proudly Made in the USA


100% Made in USA

100% recycled materials

Ultra-low maintenance

TruOrganics™ wood grain

ProFormance360™ Shield protection

25-year residential warranty


From watching 4th of July fireworks to playing outside with the kiddos, your backyard patio is where all your favorite memories are made. Make the patio everyone's favorite "room" of the house with Bronze GreenClaimed® 3G Grooved Edge composite decking. Featuring our TruOgranics™ wood grain texture, Bronze GreenClaimed® decking is made in the USA and a full 16 feet long.