Roll-Formed 16oz Copper Guttering Systems

Sold by Lifetime Solutions


Copper 16oz Guttering

We manufacture to your needs, roll-formed on site!


• Elbow - style B for delivering down pipe to left or right

• Shoe – used to direct water to splasher block

• Sealant - used to seal aluminium gutters and joints

• Touch Up Paint – used to touch up scratches

• End Caps – used at ends of gutter runs

• Rivets – fasteners

• Pallet Nail – fasteners

• Pipe Strap – used to hold down pipe securely to wall

• Slip Joint Connector – used to connect joints of gutter

• Inside Mitre – used for inside turn in gutter

• Outlet – used where down pipe connects

• Hidden Hanger – connects gutter to fascia

• Outside Mitre – used for outside turn in gutter

• Elbow – style a for diverting down pipe in or out from wall

• Down pipe – controls water discharge off the roof

• Gutter – 6” profiled full length aluminium white baked enamel comes full length (up to 40”)