Brushed Travetine Pool Copings - Tuscany Beige Finish

Sold by Veldon A. Limited Swim In Pools and Spas


Brushed Travertine Pool Copings add a timeless Tuscan beauty for your surroundings, outdoors or indoors. Ideal for poolside’s or step treads, these are durable and have various shades of beige that create a subtle visual interest. With a bullnose on one long side, the tile provides various install options that blend seamlessly to create a perfect setting.


30 sq. ft., 15 pieces per pallet, pallet weight is 729 lb.

Grade 1, first-quality natural stone travertine pool copings

12 in. width x 24 in. length x 2 in. thick

Honed-unfilled-brushed finish with a random variation in tone

Install on a cement base with thin-set mortar