Insutech, Insuseal Bituminous Based Sealants

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Bituminous Based Sealants


Sealants are the first line of defense against damage caused by water and moisture. They can be manufactured from several raw materials and they have a multitude in uses in buildings, roads, etc.


At the moment, INSUTECH manufactures one type of sealant, INSUSEAL, which is made from bitumen and used as an asphalt joint and crack sealant. However, our team of scientists and engineers are working diligently to produce more varieties using a wide array of material for more diverse uses.




INSUSEAL is a hot-applied, polymer-modified asphalt joint and crack sealant. When applied correctly at required application temperatures INSUSEAL forms a self-leveling, robust bond that seals and waterproofs cracks and joints thus increasing the service life of roads and pavements. INSUSEAL