Clemco, Traditional Heavy-Duty Blast Suit

Sold by LAING Sandblasting & Painting Co. Ltd.


Traditional Heavy-Duty Blast Suit


The Clemco heavy-duty blast suit and gauntlet-style leather gloves protect the blast operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. Heavy cotton fabric on back of suit allows air to circulate, while fronts of arms and legs are protected by leather panels. Straps at cuffs adjust to fit, keeping out dust and abrasive. The red color stands out in a blast environment. It is lighter in weight than all-leather or all-rubber suits. (Optional gauntlet gloves protect hands and wrists.)



Rugged leather panels protect arms and legs, while durable cotton back allows suit to breathe enhancing comfort.

Straps at cuffs adjust to fit — help keep out dust and abrasive

Lighter weight than all-leather or all- rubber suits

Optional gauntlet gloves protect hands and wrist