Lutron, Finiré 3" with Warm Dimming LED Recessed Lighting

Sold by Electronic Interiors Ltd.


Finiré 3" with Warm Dimming LED Recessed Lighting by Ivalo gives the fixture an incandescent feel, bringing warmth to a space. Finiré 3" with Warm Dimming works with Hi-Lume LED driver compatible controls and dimmers, with products such as a RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS.



Standard Lutron 1% dimming driver with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black dimming Ecosystem option

2-step color consistency between fixtures

High LED color quality (95 CRI and 85 R9)

Infinite Adjustable option allows for adjustment in any increment from 0°-40° and for hot aiming with supplied tool

10-year limited warranty


Fixture options:

Round, Square, Trimmed, Trimless, Pinhole, and Slotted Pinhole options

2700K or 3000K down to 1800K color temperatures

17W 850lm IC/Non-IC

Field changeable beam spread reflector and trim assemblies

30, 40 and 50 degree beam spreads