Scancarò, Outdoor Coffee Table By laCividina

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SCANCARÒ | Coffee table By laCividina


The cooperation between La Cividina and Antonino Sciortino continues, the Sicilian designer who has renewed and changed the blacksmith’s meaning, transforming it in pure creativity.‎ The new Scancarò tables are named behind a Sicilian word which means “bent”.‎ The tables are made by using a cylinder welded iron sheet and maintain a sharp inclined angle thanks to which they become furniture complements “with a strong personality”.‎ The table is always lifted off the ground with a small base that gives lightness.‎ Scancarò is available in the following dimensions: Dia.‎ Cm.‎ 35 – height cm.‎ 40; dia.‎ Cm.‎ 35 – height cm.‎ 50; dia.‎ Cm.‎ 50 – height cm.‎ 30; dia.‎ Cm.‎ 80 – height cm.‎ 25; dia.‎ Cm.‎ 110 – height cm.‎ 25.‎ There is also a straight version with diameter of cm.‎ 35 and 2 heights: cm.‎ 40 and 45 The matt painting is available in the following color ranges: pale blue, green, ivory, mud, plum, chocolate and black.‎