Lifetime Bermuda Tile Profile Metal Roof Sheeting

Sold by Lifetime Solutions


Bermuda Tile Panel Details

Bermuda Tile Roofing consists of a horizontal panel available in 13” width with concealed fasteners. The Bermuda Tile is one of the oldest most traditional metal roofing profiles available. The Bermuda Tile consists of a horizontal panel and may be used in any residential or commercial application requiring a traditional design. The panels are available in continuous lengths with a variable coverage of 13” (vertical exposure). The system features concealed clip and fastening approach allowing thermal contractions of the panel and at the same time concealing the fastener from corrosion. This system can also be utilized on fascia or mansard application and as a siding, for both remodeling and new construction. The panel design secures the female interlock hem into the male leg continuously, lending structural characteristics to apply it over open rafters or substrate by concealed clips allowing for unrestricted thermal movement. Optional sealant assures greater water tightness.


Materials and Finishes


Base Material: 24ga, and 26ga steel and .032 aluminum.


24ga and 26ga galvalume conforming to ASTM A-791, 50 KSI with baked on 70% Kynar 500 finish in all standard colours Kynar 500 paint finish carries a full 10 year guarantee and are comprised of a .8 to .9 mil full strength 70% Kynar 500 fluorocarbon (polyvinylidene fluoride – PVF2) coating over an epoxy primer of .2 to .3 mil on the finish side with primer and wash coat on the reverse side. Face film thickness 1.0 mil and .2 mil.