Lifetime Curved Tee Panel Metal Roof Sheeting

Sold by Lifetime Solutions


Curved Tee

Lifetime has revolutionized the architectural panel industry with the introduction of Curved Tee Panels. The panels are formed on site producing both convex (outside) and concave (inside) curved panels with a minimum radius of 4ft.



• Concealed Fasteners

• Extruded curved span-op seams

• Narrow 12” panels

• Continuous lengths up to 40 feet



• Panel Width: 12.75”

• Effective Cover: 12.75”

• Minimum Slope: 25 Degrees

• Fastening System: solid, sheeted roof required. Concealed clip and 1”x 10×12 fastener required. Seam cap placed at seam junctions and screwed in place. 30lb felt underlay is recommended.

• Gauges: 24

• Finishes: polyester, PVF 2, Mill Finish, Kynar 50

• Colours: see our Colour guide for our complete selection.