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Composite Plastic Roof Tiles Project - Spanish Tile Finish

By Roof - It


Roof - It composite spanish tiles are one third the weight of traditional clay or concrete tiles which makes it a feasible alternative. Best of all, it is highly durable, does not require any costly structural support, installation is easier & faster and environmentally friendly.

Our Spanish tiles are available in an array of colors which include traditional terra cotta but also multi-coloured and aged tile blends. It's unique composition is mildew resistant, have little to no breakage and cost effective as it requires lighter roof framing materials which reduces overall construction cost. The tiles overlap securely on each other and are screwed down with stainless steel screws for longevity and extra protection against high winds.

Unrivaled in the roofing industry, our tiles has a unique appearance to provide a exquisite finish to your roof while adding a truly distinctive architectural appeal.

Benefits of Composite Spanish Tile

  • More durable than clay and concrete tile
  • Easy to install and little to no breakage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Savings in construction cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Has a Class C fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating (highest worth in the industry)
  • 50 years conditional manufacturer warranty on Spanish Class C tile.